Karlo Krakan

Karlo Krakan, BSc

Software Engineer karlo [@] krakan.ca

Experienced software engineer with a demonstrated history of employment in the industry. Skilled in Python, C#, Data Analysis, Mathematical/Physical Modeling, and Web/Cloud technologies. Interested in cluster computing, machine learning and AI, and big data processing. Interdisciplinary professional with advanced knowledge in modern physics, computer science and mathematics with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) focused in Physics from the University of British Columbia.

Location Vancouver, BC

GitHub Repos

Software Development

Kraken App

A fitness tracking app built for Kraken Training. Allows clients to enter daily statistics, progress pictures and includes a web portal for trainers to track client progress. Available on the Google Play Store.


  • Input daily statistics such as weight
  • Upload progress pictures
  • Web portals to various sites
  • Trainers may track client progress via admin site

Special Thanks:

  • Josko Krakan
Built with: NativeScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JS, CSS

EcoCity: The Game

Who can build the best ecocity? Is it you? Balance economy and ecology to build your own sustainable city. Available now on the Google Play Store or play on our website!


  • Randomly generated buildings and cars
  • Pollution Effects and Resource Particles
  • Sweet UI / UX and Lo-Fi Music
  • High Degree of Decision Making Gameplay
  • Expandable Playspace


  • Richard Le
  • Kristian Postnikoff
  • Erik Golke
  • Alex Park
Built with: Unity, C#, PHP, MySQL


A mooring analysis system built for Autoship Systems Corp. This was a research and development project in which I independently developed a working prototype in eight months.


  • Static and quasistatic mooring analyses
  • Support for multi-segmented anchor cables
  • Broken line analysis
  • Seabed inclination

Special Thanks:

  • Kal Uppal
Built with: C#, .NET, Visual Studio 2015

Web Development

EcoCity: The Game's Public Website

EcoCity: The Game's Public Website

Built with: Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS

HSS Canada Website

Built with: WordPress, CSS


Built with: HTML, CSS, JS, MySQL
See Repo

Math and Physics

Monte-Carlo simulation of the 2D Ising model

Probing new physics using the Standard Model gauge couplings and the LHC

Angular distribution of the cosmic ray muon flux at sea-level

2D cross-sectional NMR imaging with a simple MRI set-up

Solving the gravitational N-body problem using finite difference methods

Comparing decision trees vs. neural networks in aiding diagnosis of breast cancer